Reinforced Polymer Base

Our internationally patented process for construction of reinforced polymer bases employs a variety of reinforcing materials such as polymer mesh, rods or geo-webs or other course geo-textiles which are placed on a roughly graded sub-grade. A high density, closed cell hydro-insensitive expanding polymer resin is applied over the grid of reinforcing material to a specified thickness thereby providing a contiguous base which will bridge any current and future weak areas in the base soils while at the same time providing a base which will prevent liquids, vapors, gases or other leachates to permeate through the reinforced base.

The excellent thermal characteristics of our polymer resins inherently provide a high degree of insulative protection which is a particularly important characteristic when working with base soils located in perma-frost and ice-lensed locales. The polymer resins employed are resistant to petroleum products and most other environmentally unfriendly liquids although our resins will eventually slowly break down if constantly exposed to ultra-violet light. Accordingly, whenever a reinforced Polymer base is constructed a wear surface such as gravel, clay, etc. is required.

A Closer Look At Reinforced Polymer Base


This technology is applicable in the industrial, commercial, residential, public works and institutional markets where settlement due to perma-frost, ice lensing, muskeg or other weak soils conditions prevail. Some examples of where a reinforced Foam Base could be specified include:


Any slab-on-grade structure constructed for industrial, commercial, residential, Public Works or institutional purposes!

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