Driveway Lifting

Sunken driveways are often caused by poor base construction practices, erosion due to water movement under the slab or (since we are in Canada) freeze/thaw cycles and frost heaves. Over time, the slab will tilt or drop due to the resulting void space under the slab. Often this creates large cracks and crevices, which invite even more erosion through the ingress of rainwater and snowmelt. Often dangerous trip hazards or areas for pooling water are created as part of the driveway sinking process. This can become a serious problem for any homeowner!

Fortunately, Poly-Mor Canada has been lifting Canadian driveways for the past 25 years. Our unique and effective process for driveway lifting employs an array of special high density expanding polymers which are injected through small 5/8″ holes drilled directly through the concrete slab. As the resin mixture expands, voids are filled and a controlled mold pressure is exerted on a limited (8 to 10 foot diameter) area. The aggressive nature of our resins not only effectively fills voids under your driveway but also effectively under-seals the slab and helps in preventing water ingress. Once the voids are filled, a controlled lift will precisely align differentially settled concrete panels.

Driveway Lifting

Driveway Lifting In Any Condition

Our hydro-insensitive polymer resins are equally effective on wet ground – any trapped water is forced out of the voids and replaced with a stable and long-lasting base material. The composite material quickly cures quickly – as soon as the work zone is cleared away, your driveway is ready for normal use.


Any slab-on-grade structure constructed for industrial, commercial, residential, Public Works or institutional purposes!

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