Rail Line Soil Stabilization – Glenlea, MB

The Challenge - Weak Soil Conditions

A section of rail line was experiencing significant settlement and track movement due to weak soils beneath the rail ballast. The area had highly saturated soil conditions with clays, sand, and various poor soil characteristics. The track movement posed a maintenance challenge for the client, requiring continuous attention to ensure train safety. The client requested an offsite test followed by an onsite test, which, if successful, would lead to a larger soil stabilization project after the spring thaw.

The Solution - Polyurethane Injection

For the initial tests, we collaborated with the client’s team to identify the treatment area and determined that a single-component soil stabilization approach was necessary. To validate this approach, we conducted an offsite test using local soils to demonstrate proof of concept to the customer. Following the successful offsite test, we proceeded with the onsite installation.


We injected geotechnical polyurethane above the stiff clays at the targeted depth. Crews used injection probes to reach predetermined depths, spacing out injections in a grid pattern. The polyurethane selected was specifically designed for the extremely wet conditions of the work area. This project required nearly 200 gallons of material to cover an area of approximately 600 sq. ft., and it took 2 days of continuous pumping to complete.

The Result

Five months after the injections were completed at the test site, we revisited the area. The sub-ballast has remained stable, maintaining the desired rail measurements for safety. Despite the area’s wet conditions and significant temperature variations over the winter, the test has proven highly successful.

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