Wharf Repair - Summerside PEI

The Challenge – Voids in a Wharf

A wharf in Summerside, PEI had experienced significant settling of the fill material behind the sheet pile wall. Erosion caused by seawater movement at the base has created sinkholes and voids, compromising the asphalt surface. Left untreated, the wharf would eventually become unusable for the residents and commercial fishing operations.

The Solution – Void Filling

To solve this unique challenge for the client, Poly-Mor first cleaned out the voids to a four-foot depth and installed a plastic geogrid behind the wall. Poly-Mor technicians then sprayed our expanding polymer foam, sealing holes in the sheet pile wall and providing additional strength to the perimeter. Voids were then filled with gravel and injected with polymer foam, creating an extremely strong matrix to support the new layer of asphalt.

The Result

As a result of the work performed the metal panels have been reinforced, the ongoing erosion has been mitigated, the sinkholes have been filled and the ground has been stabilized. This process was done quickly and without impact to operations in and around the wharf. Poly-Mor Canada is proud of our ability to minimize and even eliminate down time. The asphalt has a solid new base that will last for a long time under daily traffic.

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