Water Treatment Plant in South Western Ontario

Water treatment soil stabilization by poly-mor worker

The Challenge - Settled Concrete Slabs

Concrete floor slabs within a water treatment plant located in Kent County had started to settle as much as 2”.  Upon further investigation, it became known that the subgrade problem was deeper then originally anticipated.  Boreholes showed very low soil density values all the way to the 15’ level and the subgrade was also very saturated. Traditional repairs would have involved excavation of the entire site and repouring of new slabs.  This was not feasible due to the fact there could be no shut down time in the treatment plant and the cost was extremely high.  The Poly-Mor Method was chosen for a number of reasons such as the 10 yr warranty against any shrinkage or deterioration, virtually no disruption, no added overburden to the already suspect base soils and a project cost that was a fraction of any alternative. One of the main reasons was that Poly-Mor Canada also has a “hydro-insensitive” resin, which can be injected into highly saturated sub grades and still obtain the same strengths and characteristics as our regular resins which are injected into dry sub grades.

Water treatment soil stabilization by poly-mor worker

The Solution - Concrete Slab Lifting

A local engineering firm working along side with Poly-Mor Canada designed a column and arch system to stabilize the suspect subgrade.  Poly-Mor Canada was to inject at the 12’, 9’, 6’ & 3’ locations, in effect creating a series of piles.  In between these piles Poly-Mor injected the polymer resins, which expand to aggressively void fill and stabilize the weak base soils at the 3’ level. This shallow injection would become the center of the arch.  This system was done throughout the plant successfully. The Results: Poly-Mor Canada was able to stabilize an area of approximately 3,200 sq.ft. in seven days work.  This included not only stabilizing the subgrade, but also lifting the settled floor slabs to original elevation. The result is a complete void fill and stabilization of the base soils ensuring a solid base for the slabs and loads placed on them. All parties were very pleased with the work done, the short length of time it took to successfully complete the project and the cost savings that resulted from using the Poly-Mor Method. 

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