Warehouse Floor Void Fill in Ontario

CASE STUDY - Warehouse

The Challenge - Void Created After Flooding

A large warehouse complex in North York, Ontario experienced a flood due to a fire line break under a floating slab-on-grade floor structure. The fire line break resulted in a significant wash-out beneath the floor panels as evidenced when a small section of the floor slab was removed. Subsequently, a consultant was engaged and a G P R survey of the area was undertaken to determine the extent of the void condition.

Void Filling

The Solution - Void Filling

Poly-Mor Canada was called in to address the void condition and based on the G P R analysis the treatment area was determined. An array of 5/8″ holes were drilled through the floor slab and Poly-Mor’s high-density polyurethane foam was injected to fill the voided areas and provide and re-establish a firm foundation for the floor system. 

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