Tree Roots - Sidewalk Leveling

The Challenge - Sidewalk Hazard

Tree Roots can make sidewalks hazardous for residents. They push the sidewalk up causing large tripping hazards and they change the slope so that water will not drain. The water that will not drain ends up pooling and creating large sheets of ice. The old solution was to break up the sidewalk, haul away the rubble and then cut the tree roots. This process can kill mature trees which have taken decades to grow and beautify our neighborhoods. When a sidewalk has to be re-poured it is expensive and can take weeks from start to finish. Removing sidewalks is loud and very disruptive to the community.

The Solution - Concrete Leveling

The new solution is to have Poly-Mor come and in one afternoon fix the sidewalk so there are no more trip hazards, and the water flows the way it was designed to. We lift the concrete and twist it so that it now goes up and over the tree root. The crews take the time to smooth out the transition of the lift in a way that is safe and accessible to all residents.

At the end of the project the community is left with a sidewalk that is safe for all residents to enjoy. Poly-Mor’s process ensures it is fixed quickly, functions perfectly and with little disruption. 

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