Sink Holes: British Columbia

The Challenge - Sinkholes

A major post-secondary institution required two sinkholes to be stabilized and filled. Caused by excessive rainwater saturation, the sinkholes presented both a safety risk to students and staff and risked damaging an adjacent building foundation.

The Solution

Poly-Mor solved this problem in three steps:

  1. Geotechnical polyurethane injections were used to stabilize the base soils around the sinkholes.
  2. The holes were filled to take up the washed-out soils and improve compaction in the affected locations.
  3. After filling, one area was covered with soil to facilitate the growth of grass, and the other was patched with pavement.


Once cured, our advanced polyurethanes are chemically inert and do not break down, so the solution is as permanent as it is effective. We were able to correct this problem for this important customer in only a few hours’ time and did not disrupt any on-campus activities.

The Result

Both sinkholes are gone, and the stabilized soils will prevent further issues. We reduced the risk of fall hazards and safeguarded the structural integrity of nearby buildings. The customer was very pleased with Poly-Mor’s speed, minimal disruption, and cleanliness. Poly-Mor can respond to challenges like sinkholes quickly; we understand that these situations often affect important infrastructure, and we can help protect our customers’ buildings, bridges, and roads. If you have a sinkhole problem, be sure to make Poly-Mor Canada your first call.

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