Sink Hole Repair

CASE STUDY - Sink Hole void

To Prevent Collapse of Surrounding Structures

When weakened surface structures or soils collapse as a result of water soluble rock being dissolved or base soils at depth are washed out, Poly-Mor can inject its high density hydro-insensitive expanding polymer resin into the impacted area and quickly and effectively remedy the dangerous condition replacing the “washed out” soils with a material that will be significantly stronger that the soils it is replacing; and, all within minutes.

Sink hole being filled with foam by Poly-Mor worker

The Solution - Void Filling

Should you have a challenge with a sink hole or any other void condition, please give us a call and we would be privileged to provide you with a free quotation to undertake remedial action.

Should you have any void-filling, slab-lifting or soils stabilization challenges call us for a free estimate.

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