Rail Track Soils Stabilization in Mississauga

The Challenge - Weak Soil Conditions

A 25m x 40m portion of the Metrolinx trackage in the Mississauga, Ontario area was confronted with a weak base soils condition causing some concern over the long-term stability of the rails . The Geotechnical Report indicated soils stabilization to a depth of 5m. was required.

The Solution - Soil Stabilization

Working closely with the site engineers and drilling firm who drilled probe holes to the 5m depths. The predetermined drill pattern for the holes on the site was followed and 356 probes were undertaken on a staggered 1.5 m grid over a period of some 5 weeks. The longer than normal time to undertake the project was due to very tight timing schedules when work could be undertaken to allow for normal service of the Metrolinx system.

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