Public Skating Rink in Coquitlam, B.C

Poly-Mor : Before ice rink levelling uneven sideboards

The Challenge - Settled Ice Slab

One of the four rinks in this public ice arena had settled over its 20,000sq. ft. surface from–1-5inches.The settlement created a number of challenges including mis-alignment of the boards and gates as noted in the adjacent picture and inability to open and close the gates. Further, the settled ice slab placed additional stress on the ice making equipment and the quality of ice that could be made in a timely fashion.

Poly-Mor : Before ice rink levelling, workers injecting foam into concrete

The Solution - Slab Lifting with Polymer Injection

Firstly, the in-slab brine lines were drained and air tested to ensure no breaks or leaks occurred due to the slab settlement. The brine lines were filled with warm water and using infra-red technology, the brine lines were located and identified. Some 600–5/8 inch holes were drilled through the slab in between the brine lines. Poly-Mor high density hydro-insensitive expanding polymer resin was injected beneath the slab to effect the necessary lift in accordance with the elevation profiles provided by the client. Laser levels and Compu-levels were used to ensure accurate lifting of the concrete slab.

Poly-Mor : A level ice rink

The Success!

In five days, the entire 20,000 sq. ft. Rink slab was lifted and aligned within one-quarter inch tolerance of the specifications provided. During this same period of time, the exterior walks were lifted and aligned removing dangerous trips and excessive slope. The common area floors at the rink entrance were also lifted with resultant re-alignment of partitioning walls and doors.

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