Manhole Leak Seal in Edmonton

Manhole repairs with foam-injection

The Challenge - Water Infilration Leaks

After the City of Edmonton completed their inspections of a number of catch basin and manhole barrels, the client was advised that water infiltration was a challenge in some 15 units and the leaks had to be repaired before our client could secure the city holdback. Our client was a major sub-division contractor who placed water and sewer systems in new sub-division developments.

The Solution - Polyurethane Resin Injection

Poly-Mor Canada Inc. was called and undertook the leak seal work by drilling 5/8” holes through the barrel wall and injecting our hydro-insensitive polyurethane resin system. The resin as it expanded on the exterior of the barrel sealed the areas where water penetrated as well as leaving a band-aid like structure on the exterior of the barrel thus providing secondary leak protection.

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