Hospital Soil Stabilization in Toronto

CASE STUDY - Soil Stabilization Edmonton

The Challenge - Weak Soil Conditions

Recently Poly-Mor Canada Inc. was contracted to inject our amazing polymer resins below a slab on grade floor area in one of Toronto’s oldest hospitals. An area of the hospital was being renovated with plumbing services being reallocated. When the floor was saw cut large voids were found below the slab on grade as well as weak soils down to 3m depths. After close examination of the soil investigations, discussions were carried out with the project consultants and the hospital administrators as to the best course of action.

CASE STUDY - Soil Stabilization 1

The Solution - Soil Stabilization

Poly-Mor proposed a series of injections to target weak soils throughout the work space as well as void filling the remaining slab on grade floor to support it fully. Poly-Mor Canada worked closely with the GC on site, the owners and the consultants to propose and develop a methodology. The knowledge and experience Poly-Mor Canada provides allowed for a scope of work that would avoid the normal need to excavate and replace a massive amount of backfill that was in place. This saved an enormous amount of time as well as costs for the hospital administrators. This project was completed in ten days, drastically reducing the impact on overall project timeline. Our unique polymer resins are incredibly effective in filling voids, annular spaces in weak back fill and increasing soil strength as they expand as they are injected. Don’t be fooled by other companies stating they do the same work as Poly-Mor and use the same materials. That is simply not true. Poly-Mor Canada Inc. leads the way in the Canadian market with the most experience and knowledge and hands down the best materials available to get the job done.

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