Elevator Pit Seal in Red Deer

The Challenge - Water Penetration

A 3 ½ storey apartment complex in the City of Red Deer was experiencing water penetration into their elevator pit was causing a contravention to the Alberta Building Code regulations where it states, “Hoistways, trusses and pits shall be kept clean and dry.” Wetness will contribute to oxidation of the steel parts of the elevating equipment. A wet environment will also contribute to the growth of molds and fungi which could potentially have adverse environmental effects on the atmosphere within the elevator cars. The condition present would not allow the inspection to pass

The Solution - Leak Sealing With Polymer Resin

The leak seal treatment of the leak condition incorporated the drilling of an array of 5/8” holes in the floor adjacent to the wall. A high density expanding hydro-insensitive polymer resin is injected to firstly fill any voiding under and behind the concrete structures and secondly seal any voids or gaps between the interface of the floor structure and the concrete elevator pit wall. The excess resin is cut away. The floor and wall area is cleaned. The injection ports are filled with an expanding cementitious grout and the entire floor/wall interface (joint) is caulked with a two part epoxy resin. Result: The Property Manager of the complex was most pleased with the results of the treatment and assured us that we are at the top of his list for this type of work and any slab-lifting work he will have in the future.

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