Deep Strom Line Culvert Rehabilitation

deep storm water corrugated culvert

The Challenge - Improperly Filled Voids

Major General Contractor was engaged by Alberta’s largest utility provider to stabilize the exterior perimeter of some 350m of deep storm water corrugated culvert running under the McKinnon Ravine in Edmonton to void-fill and enhance the pipe resistance to buckling from void conditions on the exterior of the pipe. During the initial construction of the storm line the voids were filled with shot-crete but either the voids were not completely filled during construction or the material deteriorated over time with significant sliding the result.

deep storm water corrugated culvert seal example

The Solution - Expanding Resin

Poly-Mor crew accessed the deep storm line via catch basins and ran some 500 feet into the storm line and through 5/8″ holes drilled into the pipe on a 6′ staggered grid injected Poly-Mor 486 expanding resin system fully filling the voided areas. The client were particularly impressed when they saw how effectively the resin spread, as they were able to see the condensation on the pipe actually evaporate as the exothermic resin expanded. The test was a total success as evidenced by provision of another similar contract.

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