Bridge Approach Voiding in B.C

Bridge Void

The Challenge - Large Voided Area

Routine inspections uncovered significant void conditions beneath a bridge approach on a main B.C. highway. This voided area extended over 25 meters (85’) by 8 meters (26’) traversing some six lanes of traffic. Concern was raised that if the void was not filled slab settlement would become an issue in the future. The real challenge, however, was the engineering team did not want the foam injection to be undertaken traditionally by drilling 5/8” holes through the approach slab and the foam then injected. To inject the polymer system to a length of some 45’ was the real challenge because of the fact the two-component system sets up so fast it would plug up within the injection probe. Could Poly-Mor meet the challenge? 

Bridge Void filled with foam

The Solution - Void Filling

Using some 20 years of experience and one of Poly-Mor’s special expanding polymer systems – mission accomplished! Crews worked from the excavated sides of the highway injecting our expanding polymer resin from up to a 48-foot distance to fill from the center moving out towards the ends; Crews effectively void-filled and consolidated soils beneath the bridge approach. All the work was done without any surface drilling or impeding traffic on the busy stretch of the highway – traffic was moving at regular speeds with full lane usage all while this structurally expanding polymer was remediating a necessary and otherwise more invasive, time-consuming and costly repair. 

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