Bridge Approach Lift in Rural Alberta

Slanted Bridge

The Challenge - Sunk in approach panels

 The 10” concrete approach panels on both sides of a bridge located on a rural road some 50 km. N W of Red Deer, Alberta had settled up to 3” resulting in vehicles launching themselves onto the bridge deck. The incline was considered too steep and posed a hazard to vehicles travelling a higher speeds.

Void under bridge

The Solution - Concrete Lifting

 An array of 5/8” holes were drilled through the concrete pavement and a high density hydro-insensitive expanding polymer resin was injected beneath the 35’ x 9’ concrete approach panels on both ends of the bridge. Once injected, the resins expand 20 times their liquid volume, filled the large voided areas and then slowly and accurately lifted the approach slabs back to their appropriate elevation relieving the excess slope on the approach panels. During the work process traffic was not impacted and as soon as the crew completed their work, traffic immediately returned to normal as the polymer resin system used sets up and cures very quickly.

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