Airport Leak Seal in Anchorage, Alaska

Pipe leak in Airport - Injecting POLY-MOR resin

The Challenge - Valve Box Leak

A very interesting challenge was presented to Poly-Mor Canada Inc. when seeping ground water entered a fuel line valve box. As the water table rose, the leak became more pronounced and a few inches of freestanding water was the result. Although prior leak seals were attempted, no amount of mastic or Link-Seal could stop the water from entering the valve box. There were numerous attempts at sealing the leaks from two separate pipe sleeves, where they crossed the concrete barriers that were buried beneath an airport tarmac. The two inches of water was pumped from the valve box prior to undertaking the work, but upon arrival there was a steady leak developing. An inch of freestanding water soon covered the concrete basin, and had to be pumped out once again. As we injected our resin in the previous leak seal, water was forced out from the annular space as our resin expanded to fill the voids. Additionally, some of the prior leak seal material was forced out from the expanding resin, and a seal was immediately formed. The steady leak was immediately stopped, and no more water was present.

Pipe leak in Airport sealed - Foam filled space behind previous leak seal material

The Solution - Leak Seal Injection

The time it took to actually inject and seal the leak took approximately thirty minutes, and only four injections
were necessary to fill the annular space. As we worked, the fuel lines were kept open and monitoring of the
enclosed space ensured the safety of our crew and airport personnel. Airport operations continued on as usual,
while aircraft landed on the adjoining airstrip during Poly-Mor operations. Leak sealing was extremely
successful, and should further leaks develop, repair would be a simple process of injecting our special hydroinsensitive resin into the voids.

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