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Concrete Lifting and Leveling in Toronto & Area

Over time, erosion or settling of base soils can create the conditions for concrete slabs to settle. This often creates serious problems including trip hazards, areas of water pooling and the large gaps in your concrete. What can you do to address this issue? A full removal and re-pour of even a typical residential driveway will start at $10,000, not to mention the environmental impact of disposing of old concrete. Trying to reduce trip hazards with the use of cement patching materials is both unsightly and will begin to crack and crumble within a few years.

Poly-Mor has been providing cost-effective, environmentally friendly and minimally disruptive solutions for concrete lifting and concrete leveling in Toronto for over 25 years. Our Poly-Mor foam trucks are outfitted with best equipment and pumps in the industry. Once we arrive, our experienced crews drill a precise array of 5/8” holes and inject an expanding polyurethane foam to fill the underlying voids, then perform a controlled lift. After a quick site clean-up the injection holes are filled with grout. We will have your driveway back on the level within a couple of hours, ready for your vehicles to be parked or to host that after-school driveway hockey game. All at a fraction of the cost AND hassle of pouring a new driveway!

Leak Sealing in Toronto

Poly-Mor Canada’s polyurethane foam injection system produces a fast and effective way to repair a variety of issues that cause leaks in municipal and industrial infrastructure. Check out our past projects HERE. Poly-Mor has experience in leak sealing in Toronto in multi-story secant walls, large commercial sub grade parkades, sanitary and stormwater pipes and culverts. You name it, Poly-Mor has been there and sealed it.

In one application, our polyurethane injection fills voids, densifies soils, and seals leaking joints and cracks. The polyurethane can be injected from within the pipe or from the surface depending on accessibility and pipe diameter. By employing a vertical and horizontal injection pattern, a dense layer of polyurethane compacts and bonds the soil to prevent water seepage and soil loss. Additionally, polyurethane aggressively seeks out and fills voids and seals cavities, cracks, and crevices – cutting off routes for water ingress. As with all Poly-Mor solutions, work is carried out by experienced crews and done in a minimally invasive and minimally disruptive manner.

Void Filling in Toronto

Voids formed under concrete slabs can be hazardous, as they affect the soil’s stability and structural integrity. Voids can be created by leaking utilities, washout, and poor compaction – if left unaddressed, they can create sinkholes, cause concrete failure or serious structural damage to the foundation.

Poly-Mor Canada has been providing environmentally friendly void fill solutions in Toronto for visible and subsurface voids for 25 years. With our versatile injection processes, Poly-Mor can mitigate all sizes of voids by filling them with our expanding geopolymer. By utilizing soil reports and the customer’s property knowledge, Poly-Mor provides an accurate void fill solution tailored to your specific needs. Our expanding geopolymer is hydro-insensitive, high density and our injection processes allow for void fill directly below a concrete slab or up to 20 feet below grade. All our work is done quickly and with minimal disruption – not to mention, Poly-Mor’s polyurethane is environmentally inert.

Poly-Mor Canada has the largest geographic reach in the industry, with locations from Vancouver to Toronto to Halifax. Our depth of experience ranges from residential driveway void fills and large commercial warehouse floors, to runways in Alaska and Nickel mines in Nunavut. Whatever void filling challenge you may be facing, Poly-Mor Canada can provide a solution!

Soil Stabilization

What causes ground settlement? A geotechnical report may show a poorly compacted sub- grade, or a weak base soils strata at depth, or require agglomeration of base soils such as blast rock. Poly-Mor Canada has been “fixing dirt” for the past 25 years and can provide soil stabilization solutions in Toronto to your weak soil challenges!

Poly-Mor Canada uses a form of “chemical compaction grouting” to address low density, compressible soils to depths of 30 feet and beyond. Our high density, hydro-insensitive expanding polymer resin is used to fill, densify and stabilize. Our expanding resins are delivered via injection probes and placed at the appropriate depths in the required soils strata. Once injected, Poly-Mor’s geotechnical resin expands and provides a compaction or lift force of up to 50 tons per square metre, which fills, compresses and compacts adjacent soils and significantly increasing the load bearing capacity of the base soils. Our soils densification process is also excellent for binding and conglomerating non-cohesive soils. 

If you require soil stabilization solutions in Toronto, contact Poly-Mor Canada Today!

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